Gifted To Teach Membership

Gifted To Teach Membership

Would you prayerfully consider our WLWM’ Gifted To Teach program? What are the next steps and what are the costs?

To post your bio and picture on Women Living Well Ministries’ Gifted To Teach program, select your plan below and pay your fee.

The first option is the Silver Plan at $9.98 monthly or $101.80 annually (includes a 15% discount) that allows you to be visible within the platform. Your contact information will be listed alphabetically by last name within the Silver Premier section of the Gifted To Teach platform.

The second option is the Gold Plan at $19.98 monthly or $203.90 annually (includes a 15% discount) which offers greater visibility and promotion. Your contact information will be listed alphabetically by last name in our Gifted to Teach platform Gold Premier section. We send monthly email announcements to women ministry leaders directing them to the program’s listing. In addition, we will spotlight one teacher from each U.S. region (Eastern, Central/Midwest/Mountain, and Pacific) in each of our quarterly newsletters.

Are you locked in once you sign up for this program? Once you have joined, you have 30 days to ask for a refund.

Gifted To Teach Application
Gender :
Do you have friends/family members who are employed or volunteer here?
How did you hear about Women Living Well Ministries (WLWM)? (Check One) :


Have you attended Seminary or Bible School or Christian Education?
Do you currently serve in a ministry?
Do you enjoy teaching?

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Spiritual Gifts

Do you know your God-given spiritual gifts? If so, please check your top 5 spiritual gifts :

Faith Testimony

Are you a member of a church?
If not, are you actively attending a church regularly?
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of the following: (Please check yes or no) a) Felony?
b) Any crime involving a sexual offense, an assault or the use of a weapon?
c) Any crime involving the use, possession or the furnishing of drugs or hypodermic syringes?
d) Reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, or driving to endanger?

Release for Publication

Please initial below
During the course of the Women Living Well Ministries experience, there will be occasions when you may be photographed and/or videotaped by staff, sponsors, corporate representatives, media and others. We request permission for your participation. By initialing below, you may choose to grant or deny Women Living Well Ministries, Inc. permission to use photographs or videotape yourself, alone or in groups, in newspaper articles, newsletters, web-site, online, brochures, special fundraising activities, scrapbook, videos and photo albums for use in public understanding and sport of the Women Living Well programs. By granting permission below, you hereby release and hold harmless Women Living Well Ministries, Inc. from any claims, judgments or demands which may arise from the use of the above referenced photographs and/or videotapes.

Permission to Participate & Release of Claims

I, ____________________ (type your name) hereby give permission to travel to the Women Living Well Ministries Retreat/Conference Program (hereinafter “the Weekend”) as a ministry leader and/or a teacher in the program. I understand that I will travel by company van or drive my person-al vehicle to the Women Living Well Ministries Retreat/Conference Weekend program. I understand that while at “the Weekend”, depending on the venue, I may be offered *physical activities* in-cluding, but not limited to swimming, boating, arts & crafts, assisting with moving equipment and other outdoor recreational activities. (*Please note activities are subject to change depending upon the venue). In consideration of participation in “the Weekend”, I, for myself, heirs, executors, and administra-tors, hereby personally, release, indemnify, save and hold harmless, acquit, forever discharge and waive any claims or causes of action which I may now or hereafter have against Women Living Well Ministries, Inc. other participating agencies, all corporate sponsors and collaborators, and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates and any and all of their officers, directors, trustees, agents, servants, associates, employees, representatives, shareholders, beneficiaries, successors, and as-signs, of all liabilities, claims, actions, damage, costs, or expenses which they or I may now or hereafter have arising out of or in any way connected with participation in Women Living Well Ministries, including, but not limited to, travel to or from “the Weekend” and injuries which may be suffered before, during, or after “the Weekend”. I understand that this waiver includes any claims based on negligence, action, or inaction of the above parties. I understand that I am assuming the risk for any activities we participate.
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