Gifted To Teach Membership Confirmation

Gifted To Teach Membership Confirmation

Thanks for your prayerful consideration to become either a SILVER or GOLD Gifted To Teach Member! NO NEED TO PAY NOW to begin the process. Here are the next steps:

  • Complete your Gifted To Teach application & share 3 professional ministry references that can confirm your teaching gifts, CLICK HERE to complete your application
  • Share a brief teaching video (2-3 minutes only) and attach it to your application
  • Share a brief bio (no more than 80 words) and a professional picture and attach it to your application

After you apply, we will:

  • Email to inform you that we received your application, references, bio, and teaching video. (Your application process will be put on hold until we receive all requested items. Thank you in advance for your understanding.)
  • Review your application, bio, and teaching video.
  • Contact your references.
  • Schedule a virtual interview with you
  • Forward you a consent document that you’ll need to sign and return to us. Forward you a link to accept payment of your selected plan. 
  • Email to welcome you as either a Silver or Gold Gifted To Teach member. We’ll inform you that you are now displayed in the Gifted To Teach portal ready to be noticed and introduced to other ministry leaders!

Our Creator God is the Master Designer who weaves a beautiful tapestry of lives in His Kingdom. Only He can place opportunities for each one to meet others to accomplish what He has designed for us to do for HIM. May King Jesus alone receive all the honor and glory to His Precious and Holy Name. AMEN!

We look forward to personally meeting YOU!