Listed below are some international distributors you could contact:


If live in the United Kingdom, check out Kingsway CLC.


If live in Canada, check out Parasource or Word Alive.


If live in Australia, check out www.koorong.com


If live in or near South Africa check one of the following:  Christian ArtScripture Union, or Christian Book Discounters.


If you reside anywhere else, visit Amazon. Their shipping prices vary per country, but are usually fairly affordable. Allow plenty of time for shipping.


For all other countries, check out BookDepository.com. They have a long list of countries they ship to.


If nothing prevails, purchase the Ebook version!


Should anyone of these distributors not have it available in stock, we encourage you to contact them and ask them to please consider stocking it. The more requests they receive, the more possibility they would consider purchasing it.